Consortium Agreement Signed

ArrestAD started on January 1, and our Kick-Off meeting was on Jan 5, but there remained one important task to complete before the project was actually  up and running: for all participants to sign the Consortium Agreement. This documents was signed by all partners, and provides a framework to manage the collective work of the participants. For many of us, we have one more hurdle – finding good postdoctoral researchers (see “job offer”). These are scientists who have complete a PhD, after which they will generally undertake 2-9 years postdoctoral research. This combines high calibre research with further training and development of their scientific skills, which allows entry into industry or public sector research organisations as a research leader.


Kick-off meeting

The ArrestAD team had its kick off meeting in Paris on 5 January 2017. This was held on Paris, the base of our coordinator, Dulcé Papy-Garcia and was hosted by the APHP in the Espace Scipion. Team members from outside Paris stayed at the Hotel La Demeure  situated nearby and though on the Boulevard St Marcel, nice and quiet.

The kick off meeting started with a presentation form our coordinator, which provided the backdrop for the day. Science presentations from the participants then followed. These provided an overview of the position of the field of the participant and then summarised research plans. In a multidisciplinary project, one cannot be fully up to speed with the other fields, so we all learned a lot. The more technical part of these presentations gave us an opportunity to discus the nuts and bolts of our research plans and how these fitted together. It is one thing to put this on paper in a proposal, it is another to deliver. These presentations were tremendously useful.

The second part, though briefer, concerned administrative matters, the plans for Communication with the associated website and communication tools (one outcome of which is this website), Data Management, and Dissemination and Exploitation. We finished with an agreed set of actions and a decision on whom to invite to join our advisory board.

So a most productive day in Paris, followed by a run to the airports at the leading edge of rush hour – happily everyone caught their plane home in good time.

Our next immediate steps: signing the Consortium Agreement and hiring researchers.

ArrestAD kick off meeting